Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...Bish Talk...

So i wuz juss realizin how to do this whole blog thing lol itz not as hard as i'm makin it out to b!!!...But i juss have a bunch of random tings on my mind!!!!...My friends juss keep tellin me how funny i am but i am juss tryin to express it in words...mayb i shuld juss write wut i feel......

Ok so 2day at this very point and time itz snowing...but will my skool cancel class 2morrow???...HELL NO!!!...and juss y is tha question. When tha rest of the normal world has off from work and skool wut am i doin at tha LU...WORK 4 CLASSES THAT SHULD B CANCELLED!!!...tell me wutz happening at ur skool or job.

Peace and Blessings...The Bishop

Monday, February 2, 2009

So this is my first blog ever and I'm kind of nervous about it. I don't kno really where to start lol. But there are just a few issues that have been pressing my heart...(that wuz sssooo churchy!!!). The 1st thing and it really gets under my skin. However it is a very very sensitive are but I believe it needs to be addressed; the issue is homosexuals in a title position in the church or homosexuals in the pupit. My next blog will be addressing how I personally feel about it, but I wanted to use this 1 as a thought starter or thought invoker and see what other people think about it so please respond and subscribe to my blogs.

Peace and Blessings